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MengZhang is the name of cyan dragon,the generic term of seevent orient stars in the ecliptic.According to the saying that the five directors are allocated with five colours by Yin&yang and five-element Theory, and the orient if allocated with the cyan, so it's called cyan dragon. there are seven famous stars in the orient,named Jiao,Kang,Di,Fang,Xin,Wei and Ji,and the shape of such seven stars looks like a dragon,just judging from their literal meanings:Jiao means the dragon's horn,Kang means neck,Di means neck root,Fang means shoulder,Xin means heart,Wei means tail,and Ji means end of the tail. in ancient China,Dragon with any horn ate the male one,and that with double horns is called Long,that with single horn is called Jiao,that without horn is called Li.in the ancient time,there are often a large and a small dragon in the jade wear,called "mother-child"Li.

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