GUIZANG Gallery is founded by Qing, an experienced artist who graduated in Master Degree of Art,Design&Visual culture from London Metropolitan University(2005-2006).

GUI comes from Qing's grand-mother’s nickname given by her father-an honour landlord but lost all his land during the first world war in China (1910’s). Gui married to a common civil as the second wife and has the first child- Qing's mother-ZANG and three sons(1940’s). Zang became a teacher married to Qing's father-Qun-an English professor then has their only son. That may be all what Zang would like to have in her life but Gui advised her to have a daughter like her. Then Qing came to this world after Gui past away two years and when Qun was 40s. Qun has the drawing talent from his father but could never use it because he would rather than teaching English for living better for his families at that time in China. His father-(Qing's grandfather) gave Qing a blessing before he past away when Qing was only hundred days old. 

Qing's  talent has been found by her only brother when she was four years old but her parents does not like her to do drawings until she was fourteen. In their minds, to be an artist is means to choose a hard life, but Qing chose it. Qing came to England to study Master Degree of fine art under her brother's help when she was twenty-four. 

That is why we call our gallery-- GuiZang ,also means The Hided Treasure in Chinese. 

Gui Zang as an artist herself founded studio would like to find more talent artists ,share their stories,their treature works in future!